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HR Series

Used by some of the largest data center providers in the world, Ritar's High Rate (HR) Series is especially designed for heavy load discharge applications with 5 to 10 years design life in float Service. The HR series offers 30% more power output than standard range. Suitable for UPS/EPS where high current loads are required.

HR Series Product Features

  • Capacity range: 4.5Ah – 240Ah
  • Voltage Class: 6V/12V
  • Long design life (25°C/77°F): 5 Years (<28Ah) 10 years (>28Ah)
  • Low self-discharge rate: < 3%/month
  • Good high rate discharge performance
  • High sealed reaction efficiency: > 99%
  • Wide operation temperature range: −20°C/60°C  −4°F/140°F